First reaction having finished Destiny's Conflict

originally posted by Melanie Trumbull

Thanks Annette! You found the passage!

You're right, I mis-remembered it.
Weather-stripped Daon Ramon, new city, tangled black canes of old briar, somebody sobbed, gut-wrenching agony.

No there isn't a rose in there, and yet I always wondered if the new city was like the new briar taking root in the barrens. Great!

originally posted by Annette

New home of the brain washed devotees of the light more like. Lysaer likes building things when he is happy, might have a new wife, might build a new city for her. Or maybe he is just the puppet of his own false religion and they build it for him to show off his elemental abilities.

They were up to something at the end of Destiny’s Conflict, with that fancy new attire for Lysaer.

The black rose thing will probably come up when Arithon gives in and is willing to accept kingship. Probably after all the conflict is over.

‘Davien the Betrayer shall hear no reason, nor bow to the Law of the Major Balance; neither shall the Fellowship be restored to Seven until the Black Rose grows wild in the vales of Daon Ramon.’

‘The briar will take root on the day that Arithon s’Ffalenn embraces kingship.’
-Curse Of The Mistwraith

Lysaer might help with the conditions necessary for the prophecy, if he builds a new city in Daon Ramon, he will need a good water supply, and an easy way to ship goods. Lysaer might return the Severnir river to its original path.

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Spoiler Spoiler Spoiler

Just finished today, I loved it. So good to see all the fruits of all the seeds planted in earlier book.

And now I know what was in Kewar's 7th chamber :slight_smile:

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I have just finished Destiny's Conflict.
After 21 years of reading this wonderful series, I've found this book to be an incredible pay-off. Some events that I've anticipated have come about, but none in a way I could have predicted! It's wonderful… I have laughed and cried, been thrilled and horrified and uplifted.
These books have provided a backdrop to my life, from young adulthood to middle age, and have inspired me time and time again. It's been a phenomenon; I can't overemphasise the impact of this work on my life.
Now that the series is so close to its conclusion, I can't bear the thought of it ending.
Thank you, Janny <3

PS. It's been many years since I've posted here. I used to go by the moniker HJ. I can't seem to log on any more under that username. Not that it matters, really. I just wanted to thank you, Janny :smiley: xxx

Hi Helen, of course I remember you as HJ! Grand to have you back and thanks for the lovely note!

There will be other stuff coming after this series, never fear…

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I sure hope to see more stuff Janny :smiley: Either related to this series or brand new stuff! I'm not picky! Except for wanting more books. :wink:

And hi HJ!

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Hi Janny and Auna :smiley: Lovely to "see" you!

I do intend to visit more often. Life has taken over in recent years, but I'm on sick leave from work at the moment so it's nice to have the time to draw and read and do stuff I don't normally get to do.

I decided a re-read of the whole series is in order, as it's been so long. But my Curse of the Mistwraith copy is falling apart. I've taken to reading Kindle books on my phone now, so I got the Kindle edition of CotM and I'm re-living the first encounter between Arithon and Lysaer. Absolutely brilliant!

xxx <3

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:smiley: Ah! Remembered my password :wink:

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Just remembered my login and haven't logged on in years. But just finished the book over the weekend, and was just blown away. Stunning penultimate book. Can't wait for the last one. Thank you.

Thanks for the lovely note, BillBob - if you can post a rating and even a one line review, that would really help the series' visibility so very much!

If you can't or aren't comfortable - that's OK, you made my day!