Enter the Maze. . . .

Skeoke - You asked.

The sided rooms in the second half of the maze (that tested the present path) were metaphors.

The entrance to the Fortress at Earle was also – but – the intent behind the two arrays was quite different. One tested the self and challenged it to evolve. The other was a guarded lock - (Earle) which tested the self to see IF it was evolved enough to pass through.

There is always another choice. Signal point to Arithon's route through the maze, after self-integration: he chose to challenge the maze's creator and so break the very power that ruled that choice.

So, if you read this as written, he broke down one set of intents placed upon him, (Davien's maze) that caused him to reflect deadly challenges, and replaced that with the one of his choosing. (music, harmony)

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Thank you.


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Janny, I too have a question since this got on the topic of the Earle Fortress challenge.

From what I read, Luhaine arrived first and went through the challenge to get inside. Once there, he asked for two things, one was to have a true strand casting, and the other was to allow Traithe entry without going through the trial. However, when the rest of the sorcerers arrive they just seem to waltz right in with no mention of having to also take the trial. We went from arriving from lane transference to strand casting. Did I just misread the scene somehow?

Auna - you asked.

You didn't misread the scene. Luhaine unkeyed the fortress's DEFENSES - he then asked, and was granted, the assistance of the powers within the guarded sanctum…this let the others arrive via portal from other points on Athera. Traithe is the only one of them who is too scarred to travel in this way - he is not at this time capable of (either) crossing the defenses, in his current state - or of crossing into Earle by means of portal – therefore a special dispensation was asked to allow him access VIA Luhaine's power, that was granted by his crossing of the guarded entry.

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Ah, thanks, that makes more sense!