Destiny's Conflict - pre-release preview

originally posted by Melanie Trumbull

You know what's amusing about Daliana's choice?
Daliana has every reason to loathe the Koriathain.
Now, agreeing to Davien's sorcery,
Daliana could face off with the Koriathain, even with Morriel/Selidie Prime,
and they would be ignorant of who was in front of them.
That would be satire worthy of Arithon at his most sarcastic.

originally posted by Annette

Well Neil, maybe Lysaer being cast out of the compact makes him the one person who could make a an agreement with the dragons on behalf of mankind? He is a free agent now, no longer covered by the Fellowships agreement with the Paravians. Everyone else seems to have made their own arrangements for tenancy with the Paravians, or be covered by the Fellowships compact with the Paravians.

But the townborn are about to be burned out of existence by at least one dragon. So maybe an outcast but restored to himself Lysaer could help with that problem?

We will have to see how Arithon can be tempted to go deal with the meth spawn, but he would deal with Rockfells wraiths to save Traithe's life. Havish falls, Traithe is likely to lose hope, Janny has set out what is likely to happen. Maybe Arithon would intervene to save Verrain if something goes wrong down at Meth Isle? Or maybe Selidie Prime might use that as a diversion or trap? Stir up trouble there when the Fellowship is busy with other problems with no one to spare to help Verrain?

originally posted by Hunter

Sneak peek was just amazing… Lysaer's issues dealing with women stem from his upbringing - his mother absconded with the man who became Arithon's father. Does Lysaer have to go through an equivalent of Kewar to be remade as a whole individual? Do I want Lysaer to be saved? Not sure… Arithon has spent the entire series trying to save his brother and if he succeeds, is that the ending I want?

A Game of Thrones quote has always seemed applicable - "if you think this has a happy ending, you haven't been paying attention."

originally posted by Auna

I used to dislike Lysaer, but he's so much like Arithon was at the start of his journey–self aware of the curse and doing his best to fight it–that I can't help but want him redeemed too.

I even want the original spirit of Seledie out from under Morriel's necromancy, though she was a pain, she didn't deserve what happened to her.

originally posted by Dina

Long time reader, sometime commenter, but:

Hunter - I totally agree with you about Lysaer's treatment of women being formed by his experiences as a young child. I don't think any of it was helped along by his father who probably alienated young Lysaer against his own mother. It's tough to be a parent who puts aside their own hurt in order to build up the other parent for their child's sake. This is the root behind Lysaer's poor treatment of women, and the curse only exacerbates it - the curse does NOT create it. One hopes he gains enough self-awareness to want to change, but I am jaded and do not believe that happens much in reality, let alone in fantasy.

Auna - I also secretly want Seledie to survive. She is the victim of forces waaay beyond her.

originally posted by David Cornelson

I'm so glad to be visiting Athera again. There's no place like it.