Davien's Discorporation

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Shedding more light in further depth - if you want to re-examine a second scene which evokes the effectiveness and depth and working of the Paravian warding - have a look at the earlier scene in the subchapter called Tidings in Peril's Gate, where Asandir returns his horse to the stable at Althain Tower…it's a scene some would call "window dressing" - Not!!!

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In the U.S. version, go to pages 130-131.

You are correct as usual, when I first read this, I obviously flew right over it without due appreciation.


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As usual, my teensy understanding is like a drop in the ocean of whats going on here :wink:

I remember that scene with the horse quite vividly. I remember thinking - normal humans are screwed!

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"destroyed the binding of the Dragons, by willed event - an act that would have brought UNKNOWN and perhaps terrible consequence for the other six who remained."

This seems to suggest that the dragons' binding was laid on the Seven as a whole. That the elimination of a single member would effect the others in a way that goes beyond merely being shorthanded. Does this mean that Traithe and more recently Sethvir's near death situations were/are potentially have/had far more impact than the loss of a valuable but single individual?