Cover art and such

Blue – ummm, you did not dream Arithon in character, one bit. (sorry, with wry laughter!)

When you read Traitor's Knot, you will see why. (most evil grin, yet)

As though you and the rest aren't already fidgety enough…

Now, back to the short story, which I thought was progressing nicely, until the Muse had ideas in the night, and flipped the blasted idea on its head…now I have a really Fun prospect ahead, though it means (maybe) jettisoning the entire beginning, and slanting it from another pov - or reworking EVERYTHING…short stories, so much like constipation. You just have to wait them out, and they are so much harder than novels, word for word.

But ah, when they get rolling, the finish is SO satisfying for not taking years in the making.

originally posted by Dorothy

Janny, your paintngs are amazing. I wish it was possible to see them "in the flesh" as it were.
Is the bisected object a dagger of some sort?
Also the rider looks to have blonde hair, or is this just my computer? Or is it Lysaer returning after his failure to destroy Arithon at Kewar tunnel? And have I asked too many questions?(grin)

hopefully Dorothy

originally posted by Konran

*snigger* Arithon? Blushing? >:smiley: Unfortunately I don't know if I dreamt him in character or not because that's all I remember is the image. But somehow I don't see him as the type to get easily embarrassed… especially by a girl… at least not that he'd show.

originally posted by Hunter

Etarra!!! :smiley:

Just re-reading GC where Arithon has re-entered Jaelot to redress the situation with Fionn Areth.

Redress in Etarra? Arithon with his control of the Curse deliberately inflaming Lysaer!! :smiley:

originally posted by skeoke

But if he has control of the Curse, he would not inflame Lysaer.

What would drive Arithon into a city controlled by the cabal? Something dire, no doubt.

Fionn - no, Arithon won't rescue him again.
Lysaer - more likely to drive him away.
Jeynsa - ah, yeah, that'd work.
Elaira - quite possibly.
Morriel - I'd like to see how.

Or, perhaps, some of this rogue Sight he's developed…

originally posted by Stefan Urlus

The pictures are excellent Janny - thanks for sharing. Can't wait to see Davien … both in a picture and more of him in the next book!!!

originally posted by Hunter

*What are seeing is an object, bisected by the "stone rim" which will frame the view of a circular segment of the sunrise landscape. *

Given we now know that the town Arithon is riding towards (the sunrise landscape) is Etarra, one might assume that the "stone rim" referred to above is the stone walls around Etarra that are mentioned when Traithe(I think!) visits the s'Brydions at Alestron and they've purloined copies of Lysaer's plans to fortify Etarra using ancient knowledge of stone masons.

Of course this raises some more questions!!! Like:
i) How long do the Etarrans need to build the walls…
ii) How long is Arithon likely to spend with Davien training, reading, recovering, planning, conniving?? I wonder if Davien has a lyranthe for Arithon to amuse himself with?

Will ii be long than i?

originally posted by Blue

Maybe REI should get Janny to paint for their ad campaigns. I shudder to think of the blisters you could get hiking across the wilds of Athera. I am willing to bet, however, that Atheran horses are probably a lot more nimble than their earthly counterparts, judging by the landscape.

P.S. Janny, no offense taken. Glad you enjoyed the laugh. I figured he was out of character, and I think the dream scape was somewhere between WoV and FP, well before the events of PG. Speaking of laughs, did you get the schedule for the bus into Riverton? Yes, folks, I actually found a Metro bus schedule with a stop marked in Riverton.

originally posted by Wendy Collett

What wonderful artwork Janny!

Here I was trying to be very quiet and look like I was studying for an exam, when you (once again) create a fevour and flurry of excitement!!!

What are seeing is an object, bisected by the "stone rim" which will frame the view of a circular segment of the sunrise landscape.

Hmm, yes, well I think it is probably Arithon and Davien as the eagle, but I think the more interesting angle is 'who is doing the looking', and through what? It's not the round window on Play School, is it now? :~

According to Janny's words, the item itself is bisected, or cut in 2, which indicates there is more to the item that is seen now (the bit on the inside of the rim is missing).

The item has beads and rawhide - which sort of puts me in mind of the clans, but not 100% sure on this. The item has a leath-wrapped handle, it is obviously meant to be held, and the beads and rawhide dangle 'down' from the handle (ties or decoration, or both?). Spike on the top looks quite sharp. Chipped around the rim - old, used.

Item - a mirror, a weapon, an archane piece of sailing equipment, a scry-mirror, a holder for a… .

Used by - clan seer, or Ath's brotherhood, or Lirenda (but not the K women). Sorry, it looks more of a feminine piece that a masculine tool (or maybe just imagining it).

Blue - thought your dream story was hillarious, if out of character, but loved it anyway.

Oh, roll on end of year. Gee I sort of envy all you people who can go out and buy hardbacks, I can't fit them on the shelves! But I can always borrow from the local library till the paperback gets here! :smiley:

I guess my wording was misleading - the stone rim is the decorative border that will 'frame' the circular segment of the landscape image. You can see how, since I painted the icon images for Ships and Warhost's rerelease with the same stone border.

Sometimes I left it to the UK Art dept and photoshop to "assemble" - sometimes not. It was a whim, which way I made it happen. The reason I painted Alithiel, entire, was that I couldn't bear not to…somehow obscuring it with a graphic design doohickie laid my hair entirely the wrong way.

Traitor's Knot will show why. (grin)

originally posted by Hunter

I'm allowed to misinterpret things… :smiley:

I see what you mean about the "frame" on the UK re-releases and how this would look.

The fun I was having trying to tie the rim in with the Etarran walls… oh well.

originally posted by Hunter

Now I'm wondering where Arithon got the horse from!! Details, details! After all, he didn't take it with him into Kewar and Davien has no use for a horse…

originally posted by skeoke

Does Davien confine himself solely to the form of an eagle?

Wouldn't that make a stew of things!

originally posted by Hunter

Is your question whether Davien would appear as an animal or object other than an eagle? Or whether Davien could be the horse as well?

Oh, here is one happy dancing author - I just got to see the 'preview' of the design for the UK Traitor's Knot – in the new style. It's a WOW!!

Once they've got the volume numbers worked out (Light and Shadows and Alliance type settled) I'll have a final to post here, I can hope.

Page proofs are here also. Review that text one last time…

Last stage of production - those - and that means the graphic line art for the interiors is due also.

Wrap that, and the US cover, and the desk is cleared to - yup - dig back into Stormed Fortress.

originally posted by Blue

Interviewer: Ms. Wurts, now that you have almost finished the latest in your Wars of Light and Shadow saga, what are your plans for the future?
Janny: I'm going to Disneyland!

originally posted by skeoke

Hunter -


I like to play on the edges of reality. ~ The view is much better.

originally posted by Konran

I was thinking the other day, and I came up with an almost-theory about how Davien could have a physical body (or so we presume… knowing Janny, one never knows *grin*). What if theoretically someone was dying for whatever reason and let Davien's spirit take over the body? Then his spirit's Name should technically reshape the body to a replica of his own original… or hell, he's a Fellowship Sorcerer, he could just make it look that way. It wouldn't be against the LotMB if it was willing, right? *shrug* It's probably way far out there, but my brain comes up with all sorts of strange things. Plus I have no idea how he'd manage to get in there and take over in the first place. ^^;;

Also, a question out of curiosity… does anyone know/remember what part Arithon happens to sing? I always imagine him as a lovely light tenor. :smiley: *rereading Ships of Merior*

originally posted by Hunter

Skeoke - the concept of Davien splitting himself has juicy prospects, however I would think it's basically Arithon getting a horse from the local clans…

The coming and goings of Ath's Adepts in Peril's Gate shows that it's possible to go from spirit to physical reality and back again. The "how" is the interesting question. We have Davien as well as Luhaine and Kharadmon as shades, so the process of discorporation works, even Jieret was basically able to separate spirit from body.

Davien has had five centuries of musing the possibilites of magecraft and the prime vibration. When Asandir tries to transfer into Jaelot to free Fionn Areth, he does so by upshifting vibration to make himself pure energy. One could assume that Davien, as pure spirit, has worked out how to downshift such vibration back into a physical form.

originally posted by Blue

Konran, Janny has said in the past that Arithon's vocals can be handled by the member of the Moody Blues who sings lead in the song, "Tuesday Afternoon," whose name escapes me completely at this moment. Minus the nasal aspects of his singing. This is on the album "Days of futures past".

Though I am by no means a musician, I believe this singer, and through extension, Arithon, is a tenor. Whenever I listen to the album, I get a grin imagining poor Arithon being shanghaied to sing with a head cold, to account for the nasal tones.