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Etarrans have seemingly forgotten this and for them, it's a simple matter of genocide against the clans for preying on the "innocent" town folk. Diegan simply followed this.

If memory serves, Etarra does not have the history that the other towns have… remember it was built by townspeople in a place where no town was to be built.


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It's curious that the F7 never stopped the town being built in the first place…what distracted them?

There is an exemple of the F7 stopping townborn even putting up fences (in ships/vastmark?)

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Do we know exactly when Etarra was actually built? It's not on a Paravian focus circle and it's to the east of the fifth lane. The site doesn't appear to be part of the free wilds (as we know them). I could be wrong… It was built over a pass that was a key junction of several trade roads if I remember correctly.

The fence example was where it would foul the lane flows and affect the mysteries. I can only assume Etarra was built somewhere which wouldn't affect the mysteries.

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Interesting posts…On my umpteenth re-read of TK, I came across the passage relating to the s'Gannley gift. More to the point, the gift is one not merely of "Sight" but of being able to use "Sight" to divine the past!

This i feel is very important! Why? Well I know I might be drawing a long bow, but in the prologue to CotMW, it talks about the sages and seers of the Light looking…IN TO THE PAST! I wonder, if SE actually breeds a new line of priests populated by him or if some how the s'Gannley gift gets tied up (or creeps in to) the Light's pool of gifted???

What do you guys think?

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The light's pool of gifted are now being hand picked from geneologies Sulfan Evend gave Lysaer in Erdane. Hopefully as SE becomes more isolated from Lysaer he will allow himself to accept Fellowship tenets and will not be able to sire uber seers. Doesn't his tie to the land also presume the law of the major balance? I think he would be a good apprentice spell binder! Remeber there is still 470 years to go!!!