Child of Prophecy

Some of the answers you'll find in your re-read. Some are inclusive, if you dig into the glossary.

Some, assuredly, are forthcoming, and soon; a few leads will spring forth in Stormed Fortress (bits that are already set into draft)

No - on the caithdein attached to Shand's king - the one referenced was sworn to Melhalla.

I need a gag, I think. There is SO much exciting stuff yet to be fully uncloaked, that this short story sketches the snapshot peek into the past, leading into major league story threads for the larger series.

Janny, sitting on twitchy hands. This answer, not really an answer…to a not really directly asked question. (grin)

You'll see tie-ins to this material, retrospectively, and also, in Traitor's Knot, and Stormed Fortress. Including it into the existing material assuredly will lend another angle, and edge. What's here will be referenced, but NOT repeated, precisely. It's another little mosaic bit, that will flesh out the depth of the whole cloth.

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I don't know how you keep quiet! I'd never be able to!!

And, no, no directly directed questions. Why spoil the fun?

I think the Melhalla/Shand cathdein/king link is far more interesting than a Shand/Shand child.

Hee, hee. How fun is this?!

Now, if I can only keep all my questions in mind while I reread!

Thanks, Janny.

For great stories.

and for the answer/non-answer.

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chirrup, chirrup




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ok, I have a question.
SPOILER's below:

If Meiglin's daughter is the son of the King of Shand and is also a s'Ahelas then she would be the ancestor to our favourite feuding siblings, yes? Then wouldn't that make Arithon and Lysaer the rightful rulers of Shand as well as the rulers of Tysan and Rathain? Can someone clear this up for me? Thanks.

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The Caithdian of Shand seemed to take exception to that notion in the scene where he tried to scewer Arithon to "test" him.

The scene in question, I believe, is in WoV. Arithon was going [oh, what was his name - big guy] to ask for help in raiding the cattle from Lysaer's supply train and redistributing it to Arithon's allies.


BTW the rude noises above indicate crickets and frogs, my own version of the sound of silence or alone-ness. Sorry.

Gotta go. Elaira's just been put on probation for meeting with Arithon in a hayloft. Ah, the good ol'days.

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The Caithdein of Shand is Erlien s'Taleyn actually I'm reading about that right now great timing :smiley:

At the council when he asks for their help in delaying Lysaers supply lines Erlien tells the elders that he was sure that Arithon did not come to claim loyalty for the distaff side of his parentage. One of the elders says that if he had he would have died there. Most of the comments by Erlien about the two families involve jokes about how the s'Ffalenn family breeds runts :smiley:

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Funny, isn't it, how that "runt" cut "big bad" Erlien down to size though, isn't it? Darn near literally, too. :smiley:

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'Kay, so I've finished my re-read of CotM, and now have more questions than answers. Surprise. Can anyone help me??!

- as for Davien, unless the Fellowship took a generation or so to deal with him, he's already out. Got it. (Shoulda been obvious, actually.)

- still don't get "battling" the Mistwraith. Arithon feels pressure against his inner mind, and feels his defense spells torn asunder as fast as he can cast them. He sees the individual wraiths attacking him. Lysaer just goes lights out. None of the humans at the time of the mistwraiths intrusion were mage trained, so did they just go lights permanently out? Did any of them see the individual wraiths and just not survive to tell of it? They must have had some sort of defense plan to at least try to implement, what could that have been? Stay close to a Sorcerer burning reckless power? I'm guessing that the king's regalia/jewels played a part, but beyond that …
(So, what obvious bit/bits did I miss?)

- no mention of the desert tribes, yet.

- nor any mention of clan bloodlines, and as I know is coming, keeping them "pure"

Thanks for any insights.

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'Kay. So, Sethvir just escaped from the river pebble that he escaped into to avoid possession from Kharadmon's nine visitors from the frosty realms beyond the void of space.

- these free wraiths attack and vie for possession of the Seven, ignoring the rest of Athera. Would the remainder of the hoard also care more about ruining the Seven?

- the wraiths "devour the identity" then subsume and pervert the individual into its vastness which hungers to eliminate all life.

- only Paravian wards are proof against the wraiths. When the Paravians abandoned the field at Earle the defenses collapsed.

- so, fighting the wraiths is more than just a fight against possession, it is a fight to retain selfhood, individuality. [Alright, that's a fine point.]

* Nope. I still don't get what battling the Mistwraith at Earle would've looked like. I'll keep reading.

(Though, ouch, Medlir is gone. Halliron is gone. Elaira has left Merior. And Vastmark and the Havens loom.)

skeoke, the slow.

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The paperback edition of Masters of Fantasy is scheduled for release in January 2006.


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I finally managed to track down a copy of this volume and so far 'Child of Prophecy' is the only story I've read in it (book arrived on my desk first thing this morning at work!) so have caught up a little bit.

An entire volume on Dari would make absolutely fascinating reading - she would definitely be a very very good character to learn more about. There's hints and hints but not enough detail here about her!

Meiglin sounds so sweet and gentle, in comparison with her daughter and her ultimate descendants! And her mysterious lover - is his first name ever given at all?

Oh well, will keep eyes peeled when doing next re-read of WOLAS…


Hi Deborah -

Welcome here - glad you liked the story! It does tend to fill in some gaps, and leave a piquant opening for more…I really want to do a side volume of backstories, and not in the too distant future…

To answer, the lover's name is in archives. It is also in Archives at Althain Tower. So…you never know, it could indeed crop up!

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Well kind of…

…it was curious to see that the centaurs escorted the unicorns when the unicorns travelling…

The desert people could spot a clan person easily(?) and count silence sacred…

Curious also that the Althain guardian at the time "clocked" any serious intent(?) - would the guardian always have been the same centaur?

Add to that a TK reference to "tracks"…

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Thanks Janny, dived in and grabbed it.

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I've also been curious about the original battle with the mistwraith. Based on Traith's injuries the fellowship knew there was more going on than appeared, but they didn't seem to have any idea that the mist held actual wraiths seeking to possess until the brothers were at Ithamon and were attacked by the wraiths.

I had originally thought all the battles at that time were between the rebellion, instigated by Davien, and the clans, but after re-reading Child of Prophecy and reading this line, "…My husband was an old-blood clansman. Egan s'Deineval. He died at Earle, fighting the Mistwraith at the right hand of his king."

As a mist blowing through and blocking out the sun, what were normal clan fighters able to do to actually fight the mistwraith? and how were they dying?