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Gill… PayPal is about hiding your credit card details from people you’re buying stuff from. Seems rather more secure than typing credit card details into potentially compromised websites.

Words with capital letters in the middle of them don’t worry me. Having software from the Defenders of the Free world trying to tell me about spelling, grammar and general dumbing down of the English language gets up my nose - not to mention date formats. But I digress. CJ Cherryh has a vigorous rant on this on her website - go to and scroll down to the “Do you hate s’s?” section

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Thanks Hunter for the PayPal wisdom.
Unfortunately I spent nearly thirty years teaching English - to ages 11 - 18. Strange uses of the language always grab my attention. I know - silly woman - but habits die hard.

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Bookmarks are up, $5 each and a good range although the FPG double sided one is not there.

Janny how would we get the FPG one with our order?

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Wars of Light and Shadow bookmarks, made by the author, are now available in the Maitz & Wurts Studio Shop. There are also two bookmarks featuring the cover art of “To Ride Hell’s Chasm”. Each bookmark comes with a signed book plate.

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And shipping seems to be free for the bookmarks.

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As an FYI, you create a PayPal account, tie in a credit card or bank account from which the funds are transferred to the seller. This is the only method of payment available for buying through the store. If you want to buy something that is listed in store but don’t want to use PayPal see this link:

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The price is $5 shipping and handling included.

OK, grin, I found some of the FPG book marks.

For a limited time, IF you ask: along with your regular book mark order, I can provide one of the FPG promo ones, at no charge. (I have only a few left!) Just don't ask to have it signed, they are heavily coated stock, and the ink will not take.

The regular laminated book marks come with a signed book plate, anyway, so you do get an autograph for a book/or it could be stuck to the back of your book mark, whatever you fancy.

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Thanks Janny.

I am not really one to collect autographs anyway, but will be happy to see an extra bookmark, especially the FPG one.

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I have a question, Janny… Would it be possible to have one FPG promo book mark put aside? I won't be able to place my order until the beginning of February due to a rather nasty dead line creeping up on me (Master thesis, ugh); I will have to ask you two or three questions regarding some of the prints beforehand but simply won't have the time to do so for the next one and a half week.

*making puppy eyes* (or foal eyes, if that works better)

Ypso - no problem at all.

Annette: you put the bookplates in your BOOK - which makes them signed by the author - that was the idea anyway…

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I know, but still I was happy just to get the bookmarks. Now you come out this way and do some book signing and I will happily present a few hardbacks for a more personal inscription. The bookplates will not got to waste, I have plenty of books to choose from. But you get tired of doing them I will still buy a bookmark if you do some different WoLaS ones.

Or a nice cup with Exile Returned, or Fugitive Prince, or even better that nice new Arithon picture on it. You should think up a few things to sell us with that new Arithon image on it. Release the next book, and a bit of merchandising to go with it.

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Thank you so much, Janny! These words made my day.