Athera short story - The Outcast

While waiting for the editor to respond to turn in of the main series finale, I am at work on a short fiction piece I’ve had started for ages - with filed notes - today I picked it up with the aim to continue until it is finished (as a side project/concurrent with some art deadlines)

It takes place in the early 4000s, Third Age, titled The Outcast.
Right now, it stands at 16 pages of draft and partial notes, with a the full outline and missing bits fleshed out yesterday.

I will keep updating as I make progress. Not sure what form it will take, in the long haul, whether short, novelette or novella - all up in the air, but it does cover a quite significant character at a crossroads of history.

More later. Stay tuned.


Early 4000s, Third Age? Awesome! Eager to see what it will be about, as we only have a few events mentioned on the timeline that happened in the 4000s, one of which is already a short. So this could be either that one event, or something new! Either way, I look forward to it!

What was the one event we had? I just cannot think of one in that time period. Although I am wondering when Rayar s’Dieneval was born.

It could also be Morriel, who became Prime in Third Age 4212.


Yeah, that was my speculation that it could possibly have something to do with Morriel, or something new! Either sounds exciting though. (a glimpse of Morriel who hadn’t become deranged by age, etc sounds fascinating)

It is strange, I never realized Morriel was well over 1458 years old, but she would never have been an outcast, which is why I was thinking of Rayar.

Could Enithen Tuer be old enough maybe?

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I don’t think so? I’d have to dig out but I think she was born well after this.

Pretty sure it never says in the books when Audua Sedjii an Teshua (Enithen Tuer) was born. But the Biedar are likely long lived, she could have had longevity training when with the Koriathain and when Asandir freed her of her oath to the Koriathain those longevity bindings might have been changed.

@aussie500 Certainly possible! The closest thing we have is that Audua/Enithen was something that happened during Morriel’s tenure as Prime, is my impression.