And what about the Waystone..... & the Koriani?

originally posted by motley

In Warhost of Vastmark, Morriel uses the Waystone for an augury.

In it she sees Arithon strapped to a table, but also, she sees that certainly, the Waystone will be her undoing.

Now I'm not sure if what she saw was her own choice to possess Seldie, using the Waystone (or did she use the Skyron for that…?) or the Waystone itself attacking her.

What do others have to say: has that vision of her own ending come to pass? Or is it still coming?

The Waystone, having spent time with the F7, with Sethvir, and having been tuned to Athera: has it become less willing to be used as a tool in Koriani meddling, will it understand the reason why the Tier S'Falenn should also be protected?

originally posted by George

we know from Arithon's time in Kewar's tunnel, that he came to the realisation that everything he did (including all auguries!) were coloured by the curse…it seems like the mistwraith curse is sentient and part of his character…could the waystone be "fudging" the future and mapping out a plan of action to free itself from bondage???

what are your thoughts?

originally posted by motley

Wow… that's a great idea.


originally posted by Blue

Well, we saw Morriel's crystal play some serious mind games with her in FP, namely when she had the flashback to her childhood, remembering her little brothers. Then, even though she took hold of her crystal to bring herself out of it, she nearly couldn't. It even took her a bit to remember the senior who addressed her.

If a personal crystal can do that, what could a much more powerful crystal such as the Waystone do to her, or anyone else who enslaved it?