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I vaguely remember reading somewhere that the line ended with him but I'd have to look it up-I remember thinking it a bit harsh that his children (if he had any) would have to bear their father's disgrace. Or maybe he wouldn't be allowed to marry as a consequence of his actions.

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Just rereading the sulfin / Asandir scene in TK…

F7 are obliged to ward Althain.

Presumably there are are artifacts of value (time/work) that would be better not to have lost/destroyed)

But what/who are they defending against? The wards are "exotic" and surely over the top to stop koriani/necromancers/any other "players" in the story so far…so who else? Meeting any new factions at the end of the 3rd arc or later seems unlikely but then we don't know about the north/east gates yet either.

The drakes are off the scene so far but presumably they have not just ceased to exist? And they appear to have been on the paravians' "side".

In the "summary intro" in TK there is mention of the F7 protecting (or something) due to obligations from the paravians - this did not seem to "sit" with just grimwards - which I would assume to be static - maybe the referral was to rockfell beasties…

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Most likely there will be spoilers!

As I was re-reading the book, I was contemplating about the S'Gannley family. As we know from Traitor's knot, this was the Fellowship's first choice for the ruling line of Tysan. If the woman… I can't remember her name… had agreed, what would have been their Geas?

My theory is that it most likely would not be Justice, yet it would have to be similar to Justice. What would be "superior" to Justice? Truth! As Dakar said in COTMW, Lysaer is driven to look for Justice even when none can be found; however, I think it is possible to find the truth in any situation.

My reasons for thinking this was even though in the beginning Sulfin Evend allowed himself to be blinded by Lysaer's charisma, but in this book especially you can see his drive to find the truth. Of course he does not have a geas to encourage that trait, but that tendency is still evident in that line.

By the way, is the Biedar tribe in Sanpashir? If so, does that mean that Arithon and Sulfin Evend are going to run into each other? Wouldn't THAT be exciting.

So… am I off my rocker? Or am I on to something?

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No you are not off your rocker- Asandir told Sulfin Evend that the S'Ganley gift is "sight", not of the future but of the truth- to be able to see things, people as they really are. Which is why throughout the book he sees Lysaer's light without substance when compared to that of the Fellowship or Ath's adepts. In other words not divine given.
I assume that Arithon and SE will meet- he is already changing his view on the whole light/shadow conflict. Supposedly his gift would allow him to see Arithon as he really is, not a murdering, evil being. The seeress told him that a time will come when he must decide where his loyalties really lie.

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Arithon has been judged by many based on both his actions *and* what others have said. The s'Brydions changed side when they met him, Talith's fate was sealed when she met Arithon and learnt to judged for herself, Lirenda's doom was sealed when she met him and it will be interesting to see what Sulfin Evend does should he meet with Arithon - which I am also expecting he will… Sulfin Evend is perhaps the only of Lysaer's current followers whom will have the openness of mind to see Arithon for what he is, not what they've been told…

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Not sure, but Sulfin Evend already has enough information to understand the real issues and he has additional perception to see for himself that the clans and F7 have a point regarding protecting Athera.

He's already prepared to accept F7 business as something out of Lysaer's (and presumably his too) depth, has seen the curse at work first hand, appreciated the nastiness of necromancy first hand.

He still blames Arithon for the grimward? Asandir has already disputed this. Arithon could presumably find a way to pursuade SE if ever they met.

I forget what Enithen Tuer said but with divided loyalties, the oath (presumably to protect the land?) sworn may force his hand…and ultimately his undoing?

…although Jeynsa *has* drawn the wrong conclusions about Arithon(If she falls into Alliance hand this won;t help, I would guess clan would "set her straight"?).

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Jeynsa is still a teenager who is fiercely mourning her father. She will blame Arithon for Jieret's death until she matures a bit more. THe travels she has embarked on presumably will help.

Not sure that SE still sees his experience with the grimward in the same light. His loyalty still lies with Lysaer the man but not neccessarily the cause- very similar to Talith.
I hope Janny has something really positive in store for him. In many ways he defies town upbrining and can be a link between town and clan.

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"By the way, is the Biedar tribe in Sanpashir? If so, does that mean that Arithon and Sulfin Evend are going to run into each other? Wouldn't THAT be exciting."

Yes - it's incredibly convenient that Sulfin is taking that knife back to Sanpashir, and the final scene of the book is Arithon's reconstituted body appearing in the focus circle… at Sanpashir.

They're either going to meet, or the tribespeople's different view is going to continue Sulfin's education.