Adept during Trial of Lysaer Question

originally posted by Beth Caudill

I think to redeam himself, Lysaer will need to remember how his mother left. He is currently stating that his mother was raped, but that isn't how Arithon was created. He was created in part for revenge and in part out of love. Revenge for the way Lysaer's father treated her. Lysaer needs to remember that his father hit his mother and she willingly left. He needs to accept his own father's faults and that Arithon is his brother by blood. I don't think he can be redeamed without accepting those things.


originally posted by Miranda

Lysaer is a total stud muffin. Definitely crush-worthy. Mind you, so is Sulfin Evend. Dark, brooding, strong, commanding. Mm-mmmm…!

Erhem…I should think the only redemption Lysaer can manage now is similar to that offered by the Ath's adepts - self-cleansing by suicide. Although, as the prologue, and logic, suggest, he would leave a legacy of fear and hatred that Arithon would be hard-pressed to overcome anyway. I suspect that if there is a self-sacrifice of that kind, it will be made by Arithon, not Lysaer.


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I’d like to play on the words ‘self-sacrifice’:

I think one of the themes in this series is that only in truly being oneself - to the hilt - can one find redemption.

Lysaer has no clue about who he truly is, what he could be capable of. He lives out his father’s training, ruled by the geas of finding justice in every situation, now corrupted by the mistwraithe. Every time he ignores the promptings of insight, he ‘sacrifices’ himself.

Arithon may well sacrifice his body, but not his ‘self’, as that was redeemed in Kewar. the insight he gained, he learned how to subdue the mistwraithe’s curse, [TK spoiler deleted], and who knows what in the future. :smiley:

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